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8. Do You Have Soul Ties?

A soul tie is when you have feelings for an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, fantasy lover or past sex partner. If you long for a person, secretly wish you were with them, fantasize or daydream about them, or think about them sexually, pull yourself off the market! You are not ready to be in love with another person until you sever that soul tie, (See II Corinthians 10:5).

9. Do You Have Any Unresolved Issues?

Issue such as…

• Unforgiveness • Drug/Alcohol Addictions
• Secret Sins • Child Support
• Criminal Issues • Pornography Addictions
• Paternity Fraud • Psychological Issues
• Baby’s Momma Drama • Divorce issues
• Jealousy Issues • Current Relationship Issues
• Control issues • Abuse Issues
• Manipulation Issues  

If so, pull yourself off the market until you get them resolved. Unresolved issues almost always come back to haunt you.

10. Do You Have Unrealistic Marital Expectations?

More spouses have ended up in the divorce court because they held on to unrealistic expectations before they married. For example, he expected they were going to have sex everyday, two and three times a day. Or, she expected that her husband was going to worship the ground she walked on and treat her like she was the Queen of Sheba and Princess of Monaco.

When things don’t turn out as they dreamed or fantasized, these people become disappointed and eventually abandon, defraud or divorce their spouses. The way to insure that you don’t have unrealistic expectations is to talk to happily married couples. Ones who have been married for ten years or more. Find out from them the ebb and flow and various nuances of the married life. No offense, but you cannot obtain this vital information from single people, disgruntled couples or from bitter divorcees.

11. Do You Have A Strong Spiritual Foundation?

Every marriage will face challenges, but the ones that stand the test of time are the ones in which both spouses are rooted and grounded in the Word of God and prayer, (See Luke 6:47-49). If your spiritual foundation is unstable, put the brakes on love and get your footing firmly established.

 To be continued! Look out for PART 5 and the conclusion. You don’t want to miss it …

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