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There Is a Danger If The Following Signs Are Present:

11. If he doesn’t think for himself

There are some men who do not think for themselves, others do their thinking for them. They seem to have no mind of their own. They can’t make up their mind on their own, and are subject to external influences. A man without a mind of his own cannot make a good leader, and you need a strong leader as a husband to lead your family to success and happiness.

12. If he must consult his parents before making a decision on any and every subject

A man who must consult his family first before making decisions is not a man yet. A mature man who is ready for marriage must be independent of his family in decision making. The scripture says the man should leave his family and cleave to his wife and the two of them shall become one.

Families can advice, but decision making lies with the man. So a man who is not able to think through and make his own decision as a man is not qualified for marriage – he is immature. The head of a home should be able to make decisions and take responsibility of the decisions he makes.

13. If he shows sign of flirting

Marrying a man who is a playboy is foolishness. No matter how madly in love you may be with a man, be sure he is not flirting. I do not believe you will be able to stand an unfaithful man. This is not a call for a life of suspicion but to be observant and deal with the matter. Marrying a man you cannot trust to be loyal
and faithful to you is invitation to a painful and miserable life.

14. If he has a violent temper

A violent man cannot respect you as a wife; he will abuse you and make life unbearable. A good man will respect his wife and not abuse her physically no matter the provocation. As you get to know each other, you will notice how he reacts when offended. You will know if he is a violent person by how he reacts.

A quick tempered man is a time bomb that will definitely blow up some day. An aggressive man will definitely manifest violent temper when disappointed. Marry a man who has dealt with his temper problem.


It is very important that you take a look at your present experience and recent happenings and identify the signs and take a decision and move on with your life. Do not allow your love for him to blind your eyes to the things you are being shown by God to save you from many nights of tears and from suffering from a heartbreak in future.

Open your eyes to the things happening in your relationship. Keep your eyes on the signs, and don’t be carried away by love feelings. Make the right decisions based on what you discover. Attend to this matter now.

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