Are you addicted to masturbation and don’t know how to stop? Don’t beat yourself up. Understanding what to do will help free you from that bondage. Masturbation is something that’s happening all over the world. It dates back to prehistoric times. It usually starts with adolescents as they explore their sexuality. And in most cases it stops there.

However, if it becomes a part of your life as you grow and mature, you must find a solution. Saying that, don’t wear the guilt hat and punish yourself. Admit that you do have a problem and work on sorting it out. At the end of the day you were created with sexual urges. But knowing how to control those urges is the key to setting you free.

Commit to following the principles below and you should see results. However, you will need willpower and self discipline. The good thing is you can start applying them today. There’s no better time than the present.

Read through them first then take action and kiss masturbation goodbye.

1.  Drink plenty of water

Water is the only drink that will hydrate you. Drink plenty of it. When you wake up in the morning drink at least a litre of water. You’ll know when you’re drinking enough because your wee will be clear. If it’s yellow, you’re dehydrated. The trick is not to drink only when you’re thirsty. Always have a glass or bottle of water next to you. Learn to love drinking water and flush out your system.

2.  Eat lots of sugar

Did you know that your willpower is fired by glucose? Lots of cells in your body depends on glucose to function. To resist temptation and have rock-solid willpower, eat high quality carbohydrates. Doses of carbohydrates are found in fresh ripe fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Those wholesome nutritious food will muster up self control to stop masturbation.

3.  Exercise

When you get physical your willpower gets stronger. Exercise boosts good brain chemicals to make you feel naturally happy. The best time for exercising is in the morning. Take up a sport you enjoy. Get really active by running, swimming, playing tennis, football or soccer. Exercising controls your body. When you can control your body you’ll find it easier to control masturbation.

4.  Get rid of pornographic materials and sex toys

There’s nothing worse than having access to pornographic materials when you’re trying to stop masturbation. Burn or shred them. Set up parential control on your computer to block porno sites and explicit materials. You might have to wipe your hard drive to delete all traces as well. If you have any sex toys lurking around that you use for masturbating, get rid of them. Dump them far away from your home.

5.  Wear lots of layers to bed

Bedtime is usually temptation time. To make it harder for you to access your sexual parts wear more than boxer shorts or a pantie. Wear three, four or even five layers. If that doesn’t work wear more. It won’t be comfortable but it will help. Just thinking about removing all those layers before masturbating will make you want to give up. If you work on point no.6 and control your mind, you’ll control your thoughts also before you take off all the layers.

6.  Self control

Control your mind and body. Renew your thought patterns and think about what you want to achieve. Do you believe you can stop masturbating? Start using your mind to accept that and control your body to agree with your mind. The two has to come into agreement. It’s no good telling your mind one thing and your body is doing something else. Be firm with yourself. The more you condition your mind to think that you do not need to masturbate is the more your body will reject doing it. See it in your mind’s eye and believe it. Keep telling yourself throughout the day and night that you’re free from masturbation.

7.  Learn a new hobby

Take up a hobby to keep your mind focused on something. Boredom and restlessness are temptations that will lure you to masturbate. When you’re busy doing an activity that interests you, you won’t have time to think about satisfying your sexual urges. Try new skills like gardening, sewing, baking, pottery, writing, public speaking or even bungee jumping. Condition your brains to enjoy activities that will bring delayed gratification instead of instant satisfaction like masturbation.

8.  Break negative behaviour patterns

Depression, loneliness and boredom are all negative. Those emotions will suck your joy and trigger the desire to masturbate. It will give you a false sense of security into thinking that is what you need to feel better. Don’t give in to those feelings. Instead, do things to change your mood like visiting a friend, going for a walk or reading the bible for example.

9.  Be patient with yourself

Don’t push yourself too hard. Stopping masturbation will take time. It’s an ongoing process that requires patience. It might not be easy and sometimes you might relapse or make mistakes. But don’t give up. Focus on your goal and don’t let slip-ups make you go backwards. Keep a diary of your achievements. It will inspire you to go further. Reward yourself. For every day, week or month that you go without masturbating give yourself a treat.

It might help to have an accountability partner like a sex coach to encourage you as you move forwards towards recovery.

10.  Seek help if all else fails

If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t stop masturbating, think about seeking help. Don’t feel bad about doing so. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Many people have had to go down that route. Actually, it’s one step closer to conquering masturbation.

The people who are able to help you are trained to help with various sex additions. They’re also bound by strict confidentiality.

These are the people who can offer guidance:

  • Your pastor
  • A counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Sex coach

Treatment options range from medication to cognitive behaviour therapy.

Masturbation is a bondage. But with perseverance, self control and willpower you can break that chain and set yourself free. Look out for part two which goes deeper…

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