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9. Lack of defined restricting principles to guide in relating with people of the opposite sex

It is true we are not to be legalistic for we are not under the law, but it is important to personally make up your mind to be free from what God condemns and calls sin. It takes discipline to live successfully for God. It will take you to be principled enough to place some restrictions on yourself to keep you from sinning against the one you love and Lord of your life who through his sacrifice opened door for you to be forgiven and saved.

If it cost Jesus his life to save you, it will be proper that you make some sacrifice to keep your freedom as a sign of commitment and dedication to God in appreciation of what he did for you. Place some restrictions on yourself on how to relate with the people of the opposite sex. Decide to abide by the guidelines I have given n this teaching. It will keep you from sin, bless your life and crown you with glory.

10. Temptation through seductive dresses

Modern day dresses are making many to lust as these dresses reveal so much that sexual desire are aroused in onlookers. These dresses are actually designed by the designers to be seductive and attract attention and appeal for sex. They go by such names as: “Sex appeal”, “Notice me”, “I have got all you need” and “I am all yours”, etc. These seductive, revealing, body hugs and indecent dressing has not only caused so many Christians to battle with lust and led them to immoral behaviors, but is responsible for the increase in rape around the world. Please dress like one who truly knows God and sees himself and herself as a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

11. Belief that to be social is to be sexually active

To be immoral is not to be social. To be sexually active outside of marriage is not being social but being sinful. The world may call it being social, but God calls it sin. Believe what God says and not the world. God is the judge and not your friends and the world. Keep your pants up.

The Danger of Having Sex Before Marriage

1. You will be numbered among the immoral and unfaithful.

2. You can contact diseases – VDs and HIV

3. You can get pregnant before marriage.

• This can stop your education temporarily or permanently.

• It will bring disgrace and shame to you in your local church family, community where you are known as a Christian and personal family.

• It will bring discredit to the name of Christ and his church. This will definitely affect the evangelization of your community, especially if you are a worker in your church or a popular Christian.

• Your Christian testimony will be badly damaged such that you can no longer preach freely and successfully the gospel of Christ. That means you have failed in your responsibility as a witness for Christ.

4. You will attract a curse on your relationship and intention to get married or on your young marriage when you get married which will open the door for things to go wrong.

• An adversary may be allowed to rise against you and your relationship.

• Your courtship can be abruptly terminated as a disciplinary measure through some events that the Lord will permit.

• Your marriage could be burdened with marital problems that will fill your heart with pain and keep you on your knees.

• It can close your womb if abortion was done to cover up your sexual relationships before marriage.

5. It may lead to your complete backsliding from the faith.

6. It can disqualify you from being with the Lord forever in his kingdom.


Do not let the devil through the world tell you what is right and wrong, how you should live and the company to keep. Let God your Maker in whose kingdom you are, tell you. What I have shared with you is the word and will of God for you and I. Live free from all forms of immoral behavior. Keep your pants up no matter what.

Determine in your heart to please God in this matter and in all things and you will be glad you did. Let your mind be renewed by this truth and you will be glad you did. Don’t join the crowd. Be different for Jesus. It doesn’t matter who in the church is practicing immoral acts, don’t do it. Imitate Jesus and follow him the way he has demanded we follow him.

As the light of the world, let us set an example for the world to emulate. Let us prove to them that man can marry without having sex before marriage, and having married can and will remain faithful to the one he or she is married to without cheating.

May the Lord strengthen you to abide by this rule all your single years and beyond in Jesus

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