Oh Lord I am Ready

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by MyCoach AbbeyG

10. Stubbornness and rebellion

A wife is expected to submit to the husband according to the Bible. The man is also expected not only to love the wife but to treat her as himself, which includes listening to her heart cry. Stubbornness from both couples will destroy the relationship. Do not be stubborn and rebellious. Work with the counsel of God and not just any counsel.

Learn to submit to God’s principle for successful marriage. Start programming yourself now that you are single to love and practice these principles. Don’t see submission as slavery as young ladies do. Just like in every institution, there has to be leadership and the led.

Once there is authority, someone has to be under authority. In this case, the wife and the children of the marriage are under the authority of the husband. This must be clearly understood and accepted. To deviate from this divine order will be an invitation to crisis.

Learn submission. Start now to submit to your parents, elders in your family and the church. Submit to your boss and superiors at work. Master it now so it will not be difficult for you tomorrow in marriage.

Learn to respect authority.

11. You need to grow in the art of praying and intimate relationship with the Lord.

Your success in life and in marriage depends on your closeness to God. We all need support in life, especially in relationships with others. Prayer is a vital key to obtaining support from God. If you are not used to effective praying and intercession, it is obvious you will struggle with prayer in your marriage.

The best time to start is now you are single.

To Be Continued … Look out for part 6

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