Oh Lord I am Ready

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by MyCoach AbbeyG

So many singles who believe that they are of age and ready for marriage sometimes find it difficult to comprehend why they remain single though they are beautiful, handsome, educated and godly.

Sometimes, some become so desperate that they lower their standards and start fornicating in order to find a partner or convince a man they love him. This is an error that must not be contemplated at all.

“Oh God, I am ready” is the heart cry of a single who is ready and desperately needs God’s attention to find a spouse and settle down in marriage. Sometimes, some assume they are ready, but they are not. 

Being ready is not a matter of acquisition of a degree and the age factor. It involves a lot of other things which we will consider in this teaching. You must be sure you are really ready. If you are ready, then your prayers will be answered without any further delay.

Success in any venture including marriage is not a gift. There is no spiritual gift of success. Success is earned. It is worked out. Success is the result of a process. Success is the accomplishment of a set goal. Success in marriage is experiencing marital happiness. Success is achieving the purpose of marriage.

It is therefore very important that one make preparation for success to be attained. Making yourself ready for a successful marital life is a necessity. If you fail to prepare, it means you have no intention to succeed. Who to marry is not the first and most important thing for a single.

Rushing into a relationship because your mates are in a relationship, or because of lust, will not help you. Rushing into a relationship when you are not prepared and mature in terms of age, no employment or income too low to maintain a wife, no household equipment, not emotionally mature to handle the pressures of marriage, is an invitation to crisis.

This is just the introduction. To be Continued … Look out for part 2

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