Oh Lord I am Ready

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by MyCoach AbbeyG

Areas To Consider And Work On 

1. Your character and habits

You need to know yourself to be able to know who can fit into your life. You must know the following:

a. Your areas of strength.

b. Your areas of weakness.

c. Your temperament:

  • What upsets you?
  • What makes you happy?
  • How quick you get angry.
  • How long it takes before you forgive.
  • Do you bear grudge, keep malice and record of wrongs?
  • Do you need people to beg you first before you forgive?
  • Does the sun go down on your anger or do you get rid of anger as quickly as they come?

d. Your manner of speech.

  • Talkativeness – gossiping, slander
  • Nagging

You need to look into the areas where you are falling short of the expectation of God and improve yourself. Failure to do that will lead to crisis, because those characters will manifest and create problems in future.

Deal with the weakness in your life or it will deal with you. Work on the bad habits you have in your life.

Jesus came to change people. So do not say, “I am looking for the person who will accept me as I am”. You must allow Jesus to change you; otherwise, your weakness will change your expectation of your marriage.

Dealing with your weaknesses and temperament is better than shattered dreams and hopes. Getting into a relationship with the aim of happiness, only to end up with a crisis full relationship is not ideal. Take this issue serious and prepare for a successful tomorrow.

2. Taste and desires

Your desires determine who your friends will be. If your desires are contrary to the desire of God, your life will be lived outside His will. And when your life is lived outside the will of God, how will God bless you and your relationship when He is not pleased with you?

A high taste person will always live above his or her means. A high taste person likes going shopping, and competes with others, as a result, is extravagant in spending. If such a person doesn’t deal with this, he or she will definitely have problems in marriage.

Eliminate wrong desires. Kill all worldly lusts. Let your desires be within the limits of God’s word.

To Be Continued … Look out for part 3

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