Oh Lord I am Ready

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by MyCoach AbbeyG

3. Dressing

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. People read you by the things you wear. Before they hear you, they read you. Before they know what is on the inside of you, they see and interpret what they see on the outside. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

Your type of dressing determines the type of people that are attracted to you. And those that are attracted to you make input into your life – they influence you one way or the other. Those attracted to you strengthen a weakness in you or an area of strength.

If your dressing is always attracting the opposite sex to you, you will have problem with your spouse and marriage. If your dressing is below expectation, your partner will keep complaining until he or she loses interest in you. If you are the over-dressing, expensive type, your spouse will definitely put up a fight, especially when it is weighing heavily on the finance of the family. Settle down therefore and work on yourself in this area.

4. Management of crisis

Ability to manage crisis is a sign that one is ready for marriage. It is rather unfortunate that many are married without the ability to manage crisis. So, when crisis come, they go under and behave in unbelievable ways.

Life is full of crisis. Maturity demands that you prepare yourself to handle the crisis of life. Train yourself to manage crisis and resolve conflicts without fighting, malice and destruction of property.

5. Financial management

Money matters cause a lot of conflict and fights in the home. Many marriages ended up in divorce because of money matters. You need to prepare yourself by studying and understanding what money is all about, how to manage it in such a way that money will not divide the family.

Avoid extravagant expenditure. Learn to live within your means don’t live on deficit. Stop spending your income in advance. Learn to live within a budget. A mastery of this will aid co-operation with your spouse in money matters.

6. Association

The people you associate with matter a lot. Your associates reveal your kind of person. Bad company corrupts good morals. There are some people who are a negative influence on others, and there are some who are a positive influence. You need those who will influence you positively. Friends are influence. Your associates to a large extent determine the flow of your life.

Be careful of whom you make your friends. Take into account your relationship and marriage as you associate. Don’t be self-centered when choosing friends. So many lost their marriages because of the negative advice they got from their so-called friends. Friends made many adulterous and callous.

To Be Continued … Look out for part 4

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