Oh Lord I am Ready

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by mycoach AbbeyG

7. Openness to counsel

The Bible teaches that in the multitude of counsel, there is safety. A man or woman who has not learnt to listen and take counsel will not listen to the spouse also. It is very important, that all men maintain a lowly and teachable spirit, knowing that someone knows what you don’t know; someone sees what you don’t see.

Hear others out, and do your best to see what they are seeing that you have not seen. If you learn it now, it will benefit you tomorrow.

8. Attachment to the world

A Christian man or woman that is so attached to the world and its system will find it difficult to apply biblical principles in his or her marriage and in other areas. If you cannot separate yourself from the world now that you are not married, it means your marriage will be built on worldly principles, and definitely, your marriage will be greatly challenged by crisis.

9. A lack of self-control, especially with the opposite sex

A person without self–control will definitely be ruled by uncontrolled thoughts and emotion, whether positive or negative. The person’s temper will be terrible. Lust in the person’s life will always result in fornication or adultery.

A person who cannot control him or herself as far as lust and sexual desire is concerned now that he or she is single, will definitely be unfaithful in marriage. This will put a big strain on the relationship and probably end it.

Work on your ability to control and restrain yourself even when under pressure.

To Be Continued … Look out for part 5

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