Oh Lord I am Ready

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by MyCoach AbbeyG

Reasons For Delay in Getting Married 

1. Bad habits and character that discourages or chases away interested persons.
2. Wasted life in loose and immoral living resulting in people not being sure of your faithfulness
3. Too selective
4. Too proud
5. Intimidating look
6. Too bossy – always wanting to control
7. Improper dressing
8. Born into a family with a bad name or known for certain evil lifestyle.
9. Not ready to marry when younger, because of the pursuit of career and immoral life.
10. Insisting on loving and marrying a man who doesn’t love or want you, and as a result rejecting all previous suitors until no one is interested in coming close.
11. Refusal to let go an ex-boyfriend and refusal to start a new relationship until it is too late.
12. Parents insisting on meeting certain conditions and not allowing daughter to make her choice of a life partner.
13. Too much education, high-ranking position and high-profile lifestyle, intimidating the men you are acquainted with.
14. Antisocial lifestyle. Refusal to mix up with people.
15. Spiritual bondages – Covenants and curses.

16. Lack of spiritual mentoring.

17. Lack of relationship coaching and education.

Steps to Breaking Marriage Barriers 

1. Identify the cause of the delay in marriage in your own life.
2. Be honest and sincere with yourself and go to work on yourself to eliminate the barrier.
3. Give your life to Jesus Christ and call on Him to deliver you and settle you in your own matrimonial home.
4. Get in the Word of God, discover and arm yourself with truth to confront the barriers.
5. Change what needs to be changed in your life so the barrier can be eliminated immediately.
6. Submit yourself for deliverance prayers if you know you have spiritual issues to deal with.
7. Daily call your spouse prophetically to come to you.
8. Praise God daily for giving you a life partner.
9. Wait patiently for God to connect you to your own life partner.

10. Invest in relationship coaching and books.


If you believe after considering all these things discussed in this teaching that you are ready, know that God will definitely answer you. But if you discover you are not ready, start praying that God will help make you ready and finally connect you to your ready spouse.

Be honest with yourself and go to work on areas you need to work on. I am not expecting you to be perfect before God will answer you, but I want you to make effort in improving your person so your relationship and marriage will end in success.

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