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I specialize in relationships and sex issues. My methods are down-to-earth and effective. I use techniques that enable you to discover the roots of your problems.

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My educational book ‘Oh Lord… Why Did I Get Married?’‘ will answer your questions. And reveal the secrets of marriage. Plus, amazing tips for singles. 


There are stumbling blocks that stop you from experiencing a genuine and fulfilling life. They make you feel trapped in the wilderness of life. My coaching will help.

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Keep Your Pants Up – Part 4

Keep Your Pants Up – Part 4

Sylvester Onyemalechi edited by coach abbeyg 7. The influence of sex movies, books, sexual songs and other forms of pornography There is no gainsaying the fact that pornography creates and fuels sexual desires in all that view and give themselves to it. Your mind will...
Keep Your Pants Up – Part 3

Keep Your Pants Up – Part 3

Sylvester Onyemalechi editted by coach abbeyg 5. Inability to deal with lust Sex is in the mind. Sex is a function of the mind. A man’s thoughts create the desire for sex. If you don’t think it, you will not have the desire for it. And when there is no desire, there...
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