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abbey G aboutI’m AbbeyG, a relationship and sex solutions coach. I’m married to a wonderful woman, and we’re blessed with a son. First of all, I’ll start by telling you my story.

After giving my life to Jesus many years ago, I developed a hunger and thirst for His word. That led me to meditate on scriptures and spend time in the presence of God.

As my relationship with God deepened, I realised that He deposited a special gift in me. That gift was compassion, understanding and a desire for helping people like you. He gave me the ability to dig deep into the hearts of those in need of guidance and support concerning relationships and sex issues.

By following the promptings of the Holy Spirit together with good listening skills, something happens. People easily open up to me and unburden worries that has kept them in bondage for years. Those concerns are usually in areas of relationships, marriage and sex. I then offer godly advice and practical steps to take to bring solutions.

What can I do for you? Apart from being a relationship and sex solutions coach, I am also a mentor. I use the bible as a guideline to impart knowledge, support and guidance. I am passionate about helping women, men, singles, married, dating couples and youths experience a personal discovery of their strengths through self-awareness.


My unique coaching methods will help you promote life changing techniques. You’ll then be free to experience emotional growth, self-development and spiritual awakening. You will discover your purpose as a man, woman or youth and be the best you can be. But you have a role to play in this. I don’t expect you to just read the information on this website or be coached by me and leave it at that. If you want improvements in your life you need to educate and invest in yourself.

To set up a coaching session  CLICK HERE or drop me an email at  evangelistabbeyg@gmail.com  for more information.

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