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DANGER SIGNS IN A MAN YOU MUST WATCH OUT FOR ©Sylvester Onyemalechi Edited by Coach AbbeyG. The Bible teaches us that God is a God of signs and wonders and He is constantly doing signs and wonders even in our day. Signs, to many people are great manifestations of the... read more

Areas Of Complaint By Husbands Against Wives

©Sylvester Onyemalechi Edited by Coach AbbeyG.  Many times conflicts arise in the home because the areas of complains are not being looked into by our partners. This is not supposed to be so. We are supposed to have a listening ear to the complaints and cries of our... read more
7 Warning Signs of Dangerous Men to Avoid

7 Warning Signs of Dangerous Men to Avoid

Love is blind. It’s so blind that the sweet feelings of new love can blur the warning signs of  men that are dangerous for your health. Open your eyes. Don’t let your heart rule your head or you could end up a victim. Watch out for the warning signs of... read more
How to Stop Masturbation

How to Stop Masturbation

Are you addicted to masturbation and don’t know how to stop? Don’t beat yourself up. Understanding what to do will help free you from that bondage. Masturbation is something that’s happening all over the world. It dates back to prehistoric times. It... read more
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