My educational, inspirational book ‘Oh Lord… Why Did I Get Married?‘ for married couples and singles is available to buy now. 

 Below is an excerpt of what is inside the book. It will bless you with outstanding knowledge, to apply to your life.

“The plan of God for marriage is bliss and purpose. Marriage is meant to be built on unconditional love for someone that you have chosen to stay with till death. Marriage is an institution with clear principles. God never intended that anyone would go through the stabbing pains of divorce. He has a plan to sustain the two different people involved. In order to enjoy a healthy marriage, single and married people need to know the foundations of what makes a solid marriage. Some of the issues highlighted are:”

  • How to prepare for marriage
  • Marriage as God’s divine order
  • The role of a man and woman in marriage
  • The dangers of living together as singles
  • 10 reasons why some choose to live without sex
  • Knowing the right mate to choose before you say I do
  • Kick out thoughts of divorce
  • God’s ultimate standard and plan for marriage

 Abbeyg book

You don’t want to miss this book. The information in it will open your eyes to the joys and pitfalls of marriage. If you’re a single person you’ll identify the types of people to avoid and the ones to go for. You’ll discover the secret weapons of praying for your spouse. You’ll be amazed by the stimulating marriage tips I shared, plus lots more …

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